Christophe Sintubin

  • When: 05 June 2023
  • Type of driver: Trackday Driver 
  • Event: Spa After 6  
  • Location: Circuit Spa-Francorchamps

Xavier Lepez

  • When: 05 June 2023
  • Type of driver: Gentlemen Driver 
  • Event: Spa After 6  
  • Location: Circuit Spa-Francorchamps

Holger Harmsen

  • When: 23-27 October 2019
  • Type of driver: Gentlemen Driver racing International events in AM class
  • Event: Ferrari Finali Mondiali 2019 event 
  • Location: Mugello Circuit

August von Joest

  • When: 20 October 2018
  • Type of driver: Gentlemen Driver in historic racing cars
  • Event: RSR Track Day
  • Location: Spa-Francorchamps

AMG Customer

  • When: March 2020
  • Type of driver: Track Day Driver
  • Event: Private Circuit Day
  • Location: Circuit Mettet

VW Fun Cup Driver

  • When: April 2020
  • Type of driver: Gentlemen Driver VW Fun Cup
  • Event: Private Circuit Day
  • Location: Circuit Mettet
kurt hensen

Kurt Hensen

I have always been passionate about fast cars and was therefore regularly on the track for a fun Track-Day. Trying to do fast laps on circuits such as Zolder and Spa-Francorchamps had become a new hobby. I think this went pretty well, but I soon noticed that there was more to it when I saw what professional drivers achieved. I also noticed that I didn’t always have the right technique and it was mentally very tiring to keep going for a day.

During one of these Track Days I came into conversation with Nico Verdonck. As a professional driver he was regularly present on these days as a coach and instructor for beginners and more experienced drivers. As passionate circuit fanatics, we soon got into conversation. He inquired about my track interest and I learned that Nico offers professional coaching programs through his NV Academy.

Because I wanted to drive better, more comfortably and safely on the track and perhaps in the long term compete in a race, I accepted his offer. After an intake interview, Nico has developed a detailed program to make progression step by step, whereby your coach guides you on and off the circuit.

Whether I have made progress? When I look back on what I have achieved after a year of working with NV Academy, this is a huge success for me. By building up my skills from the ground up and continuously evaluating it, I have made great steps forward. It all starts with good vision technique and especially the right braking technique. In the past I didn’t necessarily brake too hard, but way too long too hard for the corner and I went on the throttle much too early with the necessary under- and oversteer situations. Sometimes nice, but not as it should be. You let yourself and the car suffer unnecessarily without the desired result. I now have a much higher cornering speed than before, much more control over the car as we approach the limit and sometimes exceed it, resulting in much faster and especially controlled laps. I am also less mentally exhausted after a day of driving on the track, which means I enjoy it even more.

During the program we did several circuits and I also got better at “reading” the circuits.
As icing on the cake, I ran my first race ever at Paul Ricard together with a friend who also entered an NV Academy program. We finished 2nd, which of course was a huge satisfaction!

philippe wils

Philippe Wils

Dear Nico,

I have heard from other drivers that you have a professional track record and a lot of racing experience.
I chose you because you explained a total program at my house that fully met my expectations. In other words, tailor-made based on my explanation.
What impressed me most … many things
When you get into a car, it’s impressive lap times to say the least, and very good car control!
The way you transfer your knowledge together with the race navigator is very clear and professional, regarding braking, throttle, steering, vision and traffic management.

Very bad weather conditions don’t intimidate you. All this step by step, in other words controlled and safe, no unnecessary risks. Yes, Nico you let me drive on circuits like Spa 2min38, Zolder 1min40.3s Nurburgring 2min06. Zandvoort 1min48s in 6 months. With karting I learned a lot of car control, this is a must for anyone who wants to get far with a car on the track.

Driving top times on all new or unknown circuits and support pré-, post-, and during races, with NV academy it’s all possible. Nico you are a top coach and experienced racing driver, RESPECT. But every student or driver must realize that the greatest input must come from himself to succeed.